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Something you can do now

Reach out.

Think seriously about who you know. Reach out to your family, friends and business contacts around the world. Find a connection in a company that’s growing internationally and introduce them to ConnectIreland. If that company establishes in Ireland and creates jobs here, you will receive a significant financial reward. The reward can be for your personal use or donated to your chosen charity. ConnectIreland is for everybody. Register now.

Spread the word

Tell everybody you know about ConnectIreland. Talk to your aunt in America, your cousin in Asia, your neighbour’s friend or your old college roommate…remember everybody has connections. They just need to know what to look for. Please help us tell the world about ConnectIreland. Spread the word.

Calling decision makers

If you are a senior executive in a company (based in Ireland or elsewhere), you can spread the word to your employees and teams all over the world. Reach out to the people who work at your company.

Their friends and family may know people who work at companies that are expanding globally.

Think about suppliers, clients or partners – they too may be interested. You can participate in and benefit from ConnectIreland. You just need to think about who you know and register now.

Calling special interest groups

You might be a member of an Irish Diaspora group, a Chinese poetry reading class, a Brazilian soccer team or an active retirement group. Everybody there has a connection. Find out who they know. Tell them what you are looking for. Once you get them to think about who they know, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Partner with us

Here’s an opportunity to play your part in Ireland’s economic recovery. Collaborate with us for the greater good of Ireland. ConnectIreland offers something concrete you can do. Please get in touch.

Tell us what you think

We want to keep getting better at what we do. We can only do this if you share your thoughts, make suggestions, ask questions or submit ideas. We want to help you find companies that are expanding internationally and identify the ones that could potentially do business in Ireland. Please tell us what we can do better.