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Succeed in Ireland

In February 2012, Taoiseach Enda Kenny, TD, launched the Action Plan for Jobs 2012 the aim of which is to make Ireland the best small country in the world in which to do business. Targets for the plan include having 100,000 more people in work by 2016, with 2 million additional people back in work by 2020. In all, there are more than 270 actions in the plan, one of which is the Succeed in Ireland initiative.

The aim of the Succeed in Ireland initiative is to complement the work of IDA Ireland, the Government Agency responsible for securing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to Ireland, by rewarding the global population, whether they are Diaspora or anyone else with connections to Ireland, to introduce potential foreign investors to the idea of investing in Ireland. Through an online referral network, introductions can be made that will lead to new jobs in Ireland and as a result the person that makes the introduction (Connectors) will be financially rewarded after a period of time of the jobs coming to fruition.

IDA Ireland, with its long and successful history in securing FDI for Ireland, is responsible for the Succeed in Ireland initiative and will lend its expertise in turning leads, generated by members of the public with strong links to Ireland, into investment in Ireland. IDA will work closely with the ConnectIreland team, which has been appointed to deliver the initiative, sharing its expertise on turning leads, once identified and introduced by the Connectors, into investment and jobs.

The role of the Connector is to make an introduction between a key decision-maker in a company interested in setting up in Ireland and the ConnectIreland team and to organise a meeting between the two. Following an initial meeting the Connector can then step back, allowing the ConnectIreland team to bring the potential project to contract signing phase and gain the approval for the company to invest in Ireland and create jobs.

The reward runs from €1,500 to €3,000 per sustainable job depending on the value of the Connection and the timeframe in which the project will come to fruition.